A letter from Dr. Lynne McRoberts …

When you come in to A Place For Health, your care is called Network Spinal* and the treatment you receive is referred to as getting “entrained”. This is based on a new way of healing called Reorganizational Healing.

If you ever feel out of sorts, may it be a sore back, a headache, or just feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges, getting entrained helps!  

Maybe you just want to be the best that you can be. The best mom, dad, wife, husband, student, employee, boss or even the best citizen that you can be.

Experience more ease with a physical symptom or greater enjoyment in your general state of being. Feel more empowered to take advantage of all the opportunities that the world may present to you.

Getting entrained helps your system get into a state that has more energy available, more ease and more effective overall function. You can actually deal with stress more effectively. Who doesn't want that? 

Entraining your nervous system helps it self-organize at a higher, more effective level, thus allowing your structure, your system and your life to move towards the EXTRAORDINARY LIFE you want and deserve.

I know this seems all abstract and not what you would expect to hear about a chiropractic technique, but it is true. I have seen it and I have personally experienced it. 

Dr. Lynne



Demonstration of Network Spinal* Level 1 Care by Dr. Donny Epstein, developer of Network Care.

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*Formerly known as Network Spinal Analysis